Families Behind Revlon and Hudson Media Fight Bitter Legal Battle Over Enormous Inheritance

Samantha Perelman is a 23-year-old student at Columbia University, dealing with a masters of company administration and as a summertime production assistant on the set of the HBO program “Women.” Remarkable qualifications, to be sure, but more outstanding is the legal fight in which she discovers herself: she is combating with her uncle for a share in an approximated $700 million inheritance.

Beyond the present legal battle, there are other conflicts in between these two households. Ronald Perelman is barred from going into the Cohen household’s house in Palm Beach, Florida, after an event in which Mr. Perelman apparently crashed a bar mitzvah. On the other hand, the Perelman’s indicate what they call James Cohen’s conspicuous intake, referring to his 25,000-square-foot home in Alpine, NJ, that consists of 15 restrooms and 13 fireplaces, and has actually been featured in Architectural Digest.